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Before you begin:

Each applicant over 18 years of age who will be residing in the rental property must complete an application and pay a NON-REFUNDABLE application fee of $45.00

1. ALL LINES MUST BE FILLED IN. Incorrect or misinformation will disqualify you as a prospective renter.
2. A credit report will be ordered and considered with references given on the application. Must have a favorable credit report with at least a 600 credit score.
3. Application will not be accepted if you are in the process of bankruptcy, or if the bankruptcy has not been discharged.
4. Prior evictions in most circumstances will disqualify your application from consideration.
5. Must receive favorable responses from prior landlords. We need at least 5 years of rental history listed on application.
7. Copy of Social Security Card and Driver’s License or I.D. must be included.
8. Two recent pay stubs are required. If self-employed, provide copies of last TWO (2) years’ tax returns that reflect and verify income.
7. Combined net income must be at least two (2) times the amount of the monthly rent. Length of employment is strongly considered as well as verification of employment from employer.
8. Upon acceptance, must be prepared to pay security deposit within 24 – 48 hours. Units will not be held until security deposit is received. Upon signing of rental contract, must pay the first month’s rent with a cashier’s check or money order. No personal checks for move in dues.
9. Tenants moving in after the first day of the month will have the rent prorated prior to occupancy. (EXAMPLE: Rent $1,000 is divided by 30 days (month) then multiplied by the number of days tenant will be occupying the unit.)
10. No smoking is allowed.
11. No pets are allowed. If PETS are allowed by certain Landlords, then an extra $500 deposit will be required to be paid to cover additional expenses for mandatory flea spraying, carpet deodorization and cleaning.
12. Renters insurance is advised to be maintained by tenant for coverage of their personal belongings. Landlord does not cover tenant’s personal belongings in case of fire and flood damage.
13. NO last month’s rent is collected AND it will not be allowed to be taken out of security deposit.

Your application will not be processed without all of the required information .

Application fee: $45.00

You are applying to rent:

229 Geil Street
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